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Replace Your Kahoots with these Wedding Games and Activities

As much as we love Kahoot-ing during weddings, here are some games and activity ideas that you can replace/include to sprinkle a little fun into the occasion.

1. The Shoe Game

Wedding of Jessica & Leroy 31.01.2022 | Shot by @lydiakphoto

Place the bride and groom back to back on the stage for a classic game of trivia about their new spouse.

How to play: In this growing tradition, two chairs are placed back to back during the reception. The bride and groom sit facing away from one another and exchange one of their shoes to hold in each hand. As playful facts or questions about the relationship are read aloud on a microphone, the couple holds up the shoe for who matches the statement most truthfully. Hilarity ensues as differing opinions emerge.

Some question ideas:

  • Who made the first move?

  • Who is more romantic?

  • Who is the better cook?

  • Who cracks the best jokes?

  • Who is more likely to be running late?

  • Who plans the best dates?

  • Who is the better driver?

2. Marriage Mad Libs

Wedding of Dylan & Christine 20.11.2022 | Shot by @pyistudio

Keep things light and comical with this unique wedding game. Create customized mad libs at each table for pre-dinner fun.

How to setup: As guest take their seats, the emcee can encourage everyone to pen down their advice and blessings to the bride & groom. Arrange a box situated near the exit and remind all to drop them in so the messages can be delivered to the bride & groom.

3. Arcade Games

Rent a Bishi Bashi! The Konami classic Arcade Machine is a hit Japanese title from the 90s that was popular for its simple and fun multiplayer gameplay. This 3-player arcade machine has easy game mechanics and multi-genre mini-games suitable for players of all ages.

How to setup: It's an arcade game! Simply rent the machine from any of the below vendors of your choice

4. Date Night Jar

Simple but unique, the date night jar makes a fun choice for an alternative guest book.

How to setup: Prepare postcard size and a box (or ice cream sticks and a jar!) at the photo/reception table and leave a signage to remind your guest to drop their ideas before they leave. An elegant way to remind newlywed couples of the loved ones who helped them celebrate their happy day.

5. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a game of elimination designed to get all of your guests involved.

How to play: Ask everyone to stand up at their seat, and have your MC read out random statements your guests can relate to. For example: “If you know how to make bread from scratch, sit down” or “If you’ve never been to Europe, sit down”.

Continue working your way through the statements until only one guest is left standing. You might even want to organise a small prize for the winner like a gift voucher.

5. Digital Scavenger Hunt in a GROUP

Send your guests on a digital scavenger hunt creating a list of 20 wedding moments for them to capture with their phones. Not only does this give your guests a fun activity AND get them to mingle within their table mates, you'll end up with even more pictures at the end of the day.

How to play: Create a list of scavenger hunt and place it on each table. Get your emcee to announce this game at the start of the reception, your guests have the rest of the lunch/dinner to complete it. The fastest group one gets a prize!


  • The newlyweds kissing

  • A group selfie

  • A selfie with any bridesmaid/groomsmen

  • Favorite dish

6. The Classic: BINGO

No explanation needed here! Here's one for all ages.

How to play: Place a wedding bingo card and a pen in each wedding guest’s seat (or get those ready-to-use poke-able bingo cards from Daiso) and get the emcee to host! Either use a bingo generator online or get the guests to shout out numbers.

The aim of the game is to be the first to fill in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line.The game continues until 3 people have called bingo and thus the places 1-3 stand.

7. Wedding Crossword

How well do you know the bride & groom? Your guest will leave the wedding learning more about the newly weds! Have questions like

  • What color is the bride's eyes?

  • How many years have the bride and groom been together?

  • What month did the groom propose in?

  • What concert did the couple see on their first date?

  • What is the name of the couple's first pet together?

  • Where was the bride and grooms first kiss?

  • What song did the groom play when he proposed?

  • How many sisters does the bride and groom have together?

  • What is the groom's favorite football team?

How to setup: Create a crossword with online generator platform like wordmint, print them out and place on each seat!

8. Disposable Cameras

If you enjoy lo-fi film quality of disposable cameras, have disposable film cameras on every table! They're pretty cheap if you get them in bulk on etsy ;) Remember to factor in your local development costs as well!

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