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10 Wedding Favours that will not be left behind

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Let's be honest, wedding door gifts are lucky to even be taken off the table and not getting thrown out. We know brides and grooms have put in so much effort (and money!) into this so here's a list of door gifts that are unique and are actually useful!

Wedding of Frankie & Trina | Customized coasters by coaster citizen | Coordination services by Studiole

1. Succulents

Succulents are very low maintenance and easy plant to have! Lay out enough succulents in plant pots for everyone to take home on a rustic wooden table. As they watch them grow they’ll be constantly reminded of your special day.

2. Aroma Tablets

Soy aroma tablets are usually scented with essential oils. Beautifully designed with dried flowers, cinnamon powder and dried berries, it can be hung anywhere for decoration or in wardrobes, car or drawers to keep the space smelling fresh!

3. Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves

Letting love brew with this modern wedding favour! Leaving a few of both on the dining table or the reception table will allow your guests to choose what they would like to take home from your special day.

4. Hand Sanitizers

Even with the Covid situation recovering rapidly, many has cultivated the habit to bring hand sanitizers around with them. Useful doorgifts are hard to leave behind!

5. Donation

One of my personal favourites and I can guarantee that most guests would agree that it is really meaningful as well! A little thank you note to your guest for being part of your big day and in lieu of favours, a donation has been made in their honor to your preferred cause/ society.

6. 4D/Toto

One of the easiest and most appreciated doorgift of all time (especially in Singapore)! Purchase $1 4D/Totos and slot them in red packets to be placed on each table.

7. Tiramisu In A Cup

For those who like to end their big day on a sweet note! Little tiramisu (or any small desserts really!) in a cup can be distributed nearing the end of the wedding. Guests can choose to either bring it home or consume it directly.

8. Blankets

Blankets/ scarves are more popular in the western culture. Perhaps a little more relatable to the females, it can get a little chilly during the reception and here's a warm welcome to them. They can take it home for their own usage as well.

9. Hangover Kits

Pretty useful for all you alcoholics! Put together a hangover recovery kit and party the night away! Throw in some aspirins, mints, eye masks, stain remover wipes and you're good to go.

10. Coasters

For those who prefer to hand out household items, coasters are a good idea though it's best not to engrave your own names/ wedding dates on it as it will mean lesser guests will take them home! Try to make them as generic as possible!

Let us know which is your favourite!

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